Why the B.V.I’s are bad, and good

In fact living a simpler more, lo tech way of life is kinda what the British Virgin Isles seemed to have been designed (or at least managed) for, and living more in accord with the rhythms of nature is very refreshing.

One thing that did make me smile though, was how I seemed to end up going to bed at like nine o’ clock at night, say what?

As my more sailor type friends might be aware the Caribbean straddles the ‘tropics’. Now because of the angle of the sun at such latitudes and some science (physics) the sun sets hella early (like six p.m.) and does so swiftly, basically there is no twilight.

Conversely the sun comes up at some heinous hour like five a.m. and does a good impression of a light switch being flicked: suddenly there was (day) light.

So I end up getting woken up mad early and its been dark for three hours by around nine p.m. Thus, I sleep, ish.

Because I am one of the ‘responsible adults’ on board when I sail, I always do this kind of half sleep thing, meaning I’m ready to go if I get woken up or, more frequently the weather turns and one of the previously mentioned squalls decides to pay a visit.

Suddenly the winds blowing 30 – 40 knots and deciding that being awake on a floating boat is better than being all cosy asleep on a wrecked one, I get out of bed

*mutters* *grumbles*

Its at this point in time one’s choice in ground tackle/anchor becomes amazingly important especially as anchoring is much less hassle than parking, more peaceful and gives a better view of the sunset.

I’m pleased to say that sea dragons anchor behaved flawlessly, and the manufacturers even gave a massive discount because the captain said the boat does eco science research and stuff, nice huh?

(also doubles as a seat and potentially, a battering ram)

What all of this lack of sleep made me feel was tired, and then humble.

Living at the mercy of what the (largely pleasant and benign) Caribbean weather does mean you stop and appreciate how small one self is in relation to grand systems like the weather which does ultimately govern how we live our lives.

It is in its own small way comforting to know that what ever happens on the stage of world politics, and no matter where I am the world, I will still find a way to be annoyed at the weather.

But there are benefits to this sort of thing and as a group of people who came on sea dragon for a ‘mindfullness at sea’ trip can vouch for, they even wrote a poem about it here, the sea it seems, inspired them to be creative.

It is some thing that I perhaps take for granted, doing the job I do. I get to live a more ‘natural’ life whilst most people are stuck in modern grind stressed over targets or figures or contracts (or what ever)

I mean while get to stare at natures finest work whilst doing my day job and having some other people show up at my work who where so stoked to be there gave me pause for thought.

One thing I did notice in the B.V.I’s while staring at the scenery (‘working’) is what was not there.

But more on that in the next post…

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