Where have all the gulls gone?

Well so far they’re not in the Caribbean.

What is in the paradise of islands, is: chickens, chickens wondering around all over the roads. Cockerels cock a doodle doo-ing in the morning and hens cross the road with their clutch of chicks.

One place which seemed to be a go to meeting point for chickens in the U.S.V.I’s would be a fast food shop, namely ‘wendys’ or ‘mcdonalds’.

This struck me as odd, of all the places I would expect to find ‘free range’ urban poultry (alive) maccy d’s would not be the first thing which sprang to mind, but the evidence speaks for itself.


Still, I think its best not to start judging when in a foreign culture, by my outside standards.

And back to the main point which is what happened to all the seagulls? I mean yeah I think I saw like two, but compared to bristol or almost any sea city, or in fact just any city the seagulls where very thin on the ground (sea?).


Well the most sensible answer I can think of is that the sky vermin can do better for food in the average city than they can in a tropical paradise.

Says a lot about our ecosystem at the current time.

But if we just for one moment side step the doom and gloom rhetoric I think its also worth telling people that in the b.v.i’s all the beaches are owned by the public.

It took the captain took explain to me why this was a good thing: no one can build on them.

Which in turn means that the habitats of small shallow dwelling creatures are not removed, and that mangroves get to carry on growing.

Mean while in Spain:

I’m a bit on the fence about this because lots science has happened and has said mangroves are good thing to keep (see this book here for a non science-y write up).

They do however also create great breeding grounds for mosquitoes

*sighs* *reaches for mozzie repellent*

I hear rumors that gin and tonic also makes for a good mosquito repellent…

But if the trade winds have arrived for the season not only do they make it difficult for mozzies to hang about, but they also provide near perfect wind for day sailing around between islands.

I can’t deny the B.V.I’s as being an almost perfectly made cruising ground.

If you do ever find yourself struggling with bite-y insects in this part of the world, then even if all the spray and gin and tonics don’t help, there is hope.

Its called saba rock, it’s a bar, on a rock – link, (apparently they have beds to)

sit there all day (and night) and the only thing thats up wind of you is the atlantic ocean

*raises glass*

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