Once all is said and done…

Often more is said than done.

But I have at least got some stuff done, looking back on my cruise around the caribbean I (unsurprisingly) liked it.

What surprises me is that whilst the place itself was very nice for all of the reasons one might expect, although this is not what pleases me the most.

I feel that for posterity its worth pointing out that possibly the best thing I saw in the whole trip was the blue footed boobie which is a pretty cool bird in its own right but also gives me a legitimate reason to shout the word boobie when I spot one. Which being a bit of a child amuses me greatly.

What makes me happy is that I finally got there, to the caribbean. On the one hand I know some people that go there every year with work and find the whole thing kinda a little bit samey, then on the other hand I know people who work very hard to support there family’s and dream of maybe one day going to the tropics.

And I got to go there based on my skill set? The fact that i’m a nice guy?

Who knows, who cares. Well, me to be fair. Ever since I was just little I wanted to go sailing, to go sailing to new places, explore and experience new stuff. A good example would be how other people do ‘things’. Yeah that’s a bit vague so let me expand.

When I say ‘things’ I mean mundane everyday bits of life like meal times or how people react to each other (or don’t) when they pass in the street. Supermarkets (can be) fascinating because it displays what the ‘locals’ want to buy. Which in turn says a lot about the local culture. Supermarkets can also be a massive nuisance, especially when one is in a hurry and hungry.

To put it as basically as possible I love being able to go places and see and feel all the things which don’t make it into a photo or onto the tele box when a place is described.

Doing all of the sailing thing has made all of this possible. Love it 🙂

I made back, means I lived to tell the tale. I also learned some more things about sailing. Which ya’ know is handy, considering.

There is one thing though, which might just get overlooked if I don’t stop to mention it. One thing that might get lost in drive to shoe horn the key word phrase ‘learning to sail’ as much as physically possible for a certain search engine.

One thing that might get forgotten as I work to express and convey feelings which might help retain readership, and that is: freedom.

Not american freedom, not the philosophical freedom from consequences, but the freedom which comes from being at sea.

At sea there’s no where to rush to so taking a little bit longer is fine. Sitting around staring into space and saying nothing for ages would be considered a bit weird in most workplaces. Yet on a boat its encouraged. Other wise your just going to end up interrupting the view, or the moment, or the peace and quite.

So don’t do that, thanks.

And this is what I mean by ‘freedom’ its just the being able to get away from it all.

Sounds good, no?

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