Learning the trades

Living and working on a boat involves a lot of things, different disciplines.

However once you have learned about the sailing and have figured out how to feed yourself/crew the mainstay of boat life if maintenance and/or repairs.

Some times the repair may just be beyond ones skill level and if this is the case then it may well serve to bring in the trades men and women, or, just bring some with you.

Which is precisely what sea dragon did.

The sails on-board do, unsurprisingly, get rather well used. As a result they get worn and need some repairs here and there, so a sail maker was requisitioned.

Not a bad look as one of our sails, (the stay sail if you’re interested) took a bit of beating on passage, almost makes it look like bringing the relevant trades woman was planned.

It wasn’t.

Either way once we where anchored up in bermuda and the sails had come down (and off) we got out a sewing machine (yes, the boat has one of those) and promptly used (needed) the help of a professional.

And rum.

I am pleased to say that I feel like I learned a lot about sail making and repair. Knowing very little to start with, learning anything was very much appreciated, as was the sail repair.

I could try and write everything down, but I decided to take pictures so I figure I’ll just post those:

Sail maker set up:

Explaining a ‘back tack’ (type of stitch) to the skipper:

Adding a patch to both sides of the sail:

Teaching patching techniques:

Quick break:

Skipper doing, well I’m not sure but hey it looks professional:

Finished sail:

And finished rum:

At this point we decided that it would probably be best to go ashore and, well, get more rum.


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