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Tom Mcmahon Sailor

I’m Tom McMahon - a sailor with 25 years of experience - offering sailing courses directly, either privately or in groups anywhere you are in the world.

On this website you will also find online sailing courses to help you to learn to sail or improve your sailing techniques and skills.

Qualified to teach you up to the level of a skipper, I help you accomplish all your sailing qualifications and formal certifications to sail a yacht anywhere in European waters.

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About Me

My family has been sailing for generations - I learnt as a child from my grandparents, my parents, my Aunty and Uncle. It’s true to say that sailing is in my blood.

I achieved yachtmaster status at the tender age of 25 and I am now a certified sailing instructor.

During my lifetime I have sailed all over the Mediterranean and Caribbean and I have taught many people, like yourself, how to sail.

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Tom Mcmahon Sailor